PLACES Consulting

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PLACES Services

1/ Spatial Brands Building

  • Creating the concept and the offer
  • Rebuild forgotten or aging brands
  • Optimize existing places
  • In France, Europe, Asia and Americas

2/ Operational Transformation

  • Follow the operational translation of the concept, in France or elsewhere in the world
  • Sparring partner in the introduction of foreign spatial brands in France or French brands outside France
  • Consulting / Follow-up / Coaching of marketing teams, techniques and Operations
  • Coaching on introductory strategies for products in spatial brands locations

Key parameters

  • Profitability building Ex. : margin markers
  • Operations organization Ex. : translation of a concept into Operations
  • HR Ex. : focus on specific HR impacts
  • Design and roll-out Ex. : designer briefing, ergonomy systems
  • Communication and traffic Ex. : communication strategy
  • Web and virtual presence Ex. : e-commerce role and on-line traffic

PLACES Proprietary tools

  • Spatial Brand Platform : Marketing Mix specific for spatial brands
  • Spatial Brand Signs : Identity and Service Markers, Semiotics Analysis of sites
  • Spatial Brand Grid : Organization between the three key parameters (target, people, operations)
  • Spatial Brand 3D : 3D vision of every stakeholder vision of the site
  • Spatial Brand Business : Profitability grid
  • Spatial Brand Future : Innovation tools specific for places